Canaeus Lucius

Skypirate King


A long black beard and far too many pistols mark Lucius as the archetypal pirate. His red coat is leftover from his old Altaran Legion officer’s uniform, and nobody really knows where he got his hat. Such is the stuff of drunken skypirate legend.


He’s a pirate, and pirates don’t have biographies. Lists of exploits, maybe, but definitely not biographies.

That said, some say he was once an officer in the Legion, stationed in Basa. Purely unsubstantiated rumors, of course, at least if you ask him.

Some say “yeah, but look at his coat! That’s a Legion officer’s coat if ever I saw one!”. Purely coincidence, of course, if you ask him.

Some say “but what about-” and then promptly get smacked upside the head and thrown overboard, and at four hundred feet that’s probably not a good position to be in. Arrr.

Canaeus Lucius

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