Cassius Marcus

Fugitive Mage


A former member of Altara‘s high court, Marcus is prone to the superfluous styles of Altara Imperia’s cultural elite. He is a vampire, making his already colorless northern-half-orc skin even more gray. He tends towards wearing his hair long, intricately tied behind his back.

Since joining the sky-pirates of Freehold, his clothing sense has taken a dramatic turn towards the minimal. He incorporates his heliite creations into his outfits, and caries a well-made sword with him at all times.


Cassius Marcus was a member of the political class of Altara, a vampire and a mage. He commanded considerable respect in the high court, but was seen privately as not being all too bright, and prone to overly dramatic nonsense.

He was arrested for publicly conducting a magical ritual while inebriated. Upon his capture, he revealed to the court that he had discovered a secret that let him turn stone to heliite. This metal was lighter than air, allowing for floating structures the likes of which had never been seen before. At the instructions of the Emperor of the time, Marcus turned a huge amount of the bedrock below Altara Imperia to heliite, turning it into an impenetrable flying city, and a wonder of the modern world.

The high court of Altara does not like its secrets being shared, and decided to kill Marcus, letting his secrets die with him. Instead, however, he was kidnapped by agents from Basa, who put him to work lifting their city to match Altara Imperia. This was made easy by the existing system of tunnels under the city used by various crime syndicates. Within a short time, Basa was skyborne, and Marcus was once again facing execution for his secret.

Luckily for him, he was kidnapped once again, this time by a pirate crew from Freehold. They offered him freedom in exchange for performing his magic once more on Freehold itself. He also helped them construct the first skyship, and as such can be considered responsible for the current practice of sky-piracy. He is a good friend to the current Pirate King, and captains a ship of his own, seeking vengeance on his old friends in Altara.

Cassius Marcus

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