Dale of Inglewood

'Guile Finance Wizard'


Dale, or ‘Subject #3134- Ministry Reckoning year 24’ is a pretty unassuming fellow. Short for a human, he has wild brown hair that he rarely tidies and his pale complexion betrays his years spent locked up inside a laboratory or some ancient library. Having appeared out of the great portal at Tearyn, he remembers little about his life before transit.

Dale moves with the loping grace of a hunter and has the size to match, the callouses that dots his hands suggest that he is no stranger to hard labor. Many would be brigands have underestimated the strength of the bookish fellow.. and were most surprised to find themselves on the wrong end of a quarterstaff.

Dale would often speak fondly of his old master and the hamlet that he resided in during his ‘acclimation’.

Dale of Inglewood

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