Emperor Nearan de Altara

Not A Nice Guy


Looks about 30 years old. Tall, pale, and strong. Unlike many Altaran Court vampires, he was a warlord first, and became a vampire second. A shock of midlength white hair juts backwards from his head. His eyes are a deep black, and carry the weight of two hundred years. In the court, he wears robes of red and gold. In battle, he wears ornate but functional steel armor gilded in gold and trimmed with red.

He is generally stern, but fair. In contrast with the rest of his court, he embodies the principles of the old Empire: strength, honesty, and honor. He looks tired.


Grandson to Tara, Nearan has lived for over two hundred years. He became a vampire at the age of 27. While he had initially rejected the idea, he suspected that his court was getting out of hand, and made the decision in order to keep control over it. Now he and a small cabal of loyal courtiers hold a firm grip on the less honorable elements of the Altaran court, at least in Altara Imperia.

Emperor Nearan de Altara

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