Empress Mythardia Lo'kin

Second and longest living queen of the Drow


Height: 5’ 5"
Weight: 97lbs
Skin: Pale grey
Hair: Long and pure white
Eyes: Black

Mythardia is a Druid under the Circle of the Moon. She became a powerful Druid after countless years of training. Her skill are unparalleled and due to her Timeless body, she is the longest living, and second Empress of the Drow. Her age exceeds over two thousand years and is likely to continue rising.


A new empress was born under the Lo’Kin clan in the city of Felgate before the first war. This empress was foretold in prophecy, how she would rule for hundreds of generations. The other clans (Kraren, Snowblood, Gilbet, Fel’spit, and Rontain.) opposed to this new empress being born, so the clan of assassins known as the Snowblood, stole the baby and went to dump it in the Feral Drider pit.

While in the pit, she survived off of killing and devouring the flesh and blood of the Drider kind. After twenty years of staying in the pit, she decided to escape. She was able to find the only exit out of the Drider pit and found that it led to an island to the south. She found the sun deadly, and beautiful. She stayed on this small island for days with only one ally, a wild stag. Unlike the Driders, she did not kill and eat this creature, she lived with it for years on end.

She stopped craving meat and came to eat vegetables instead. She would work on finding a way out of the island, and a way to get revenge. After a long time with the Stag, the creature turned into a Elven Druid. It congratulated Mythardia for becoming one with nature. The Empress was surprised that sentient creatures other than Drow and Driders existed. The Druid told Mythardia about the world outside, how there are more races, more deadly and more hostile, whose purpose is to ruin nature for all it is. She nodded and asked if she could learn the ways of nature from the Druid. The Druid agreed and taught her the ways of the wild.

After one hundred years of training with the druid, she felt her powers at the maximum. She thanked the druid and walked all the across the water, back to the caves in which she called home. She found no way back, so she did the best that she could and drew a magic circle to transport her back into Felgate. When she returned, no clothing, no standards for living, only the thought of returning to her mother she once lost was in her mind.

She returned to her home with a smile on her face, and magic in her hands. the Kraren clan’s head mother was about to take the crown until a vine cut through her beating heart and showed it for all to see. The Empress was dead, and a new one was taking her place. Mythardia took the crown and announced for all to hear “I am the Empress of Felgate, not this fleeting fancy who is a shadow of my image.”

She learned the what the Snowblood did to her as a child, so she made sure that at the age of twenty, the men of the family were to be castrated lest they are the only male in the family. Many of them were killed, mostly to the Drider pit. The rest were exiled and this tradition has kept going even after the bloody of The Wars of the Juult Highlands.

Empress Mythardia Lo'kin

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