Empress Tara I

Founder of Altara


Tara inherited her almost-white hair and impressive strength from her mother’s side, and her pale skin and icy eyes from her father. Though technically only one-eighth orcish, she was considered to be a paragon of the half-orcish community in her clan.

The red-and-silver colours of that clan became those of Altara when she rose to power, but in her mind they were always hers, and she never let her old armor get too far from her sight. Even in the far south, where the heat becomes unbearable, she wore her trusty fur cloak over red-and-silver leather and mail.


A half-orc of the norther tribes, Tara founded Altara and named herself Empress.

History tells that she favored her human side both in ambitious temperament and in pale face. Nevertheless, she proved herself as a born leader by both human and orcish traditions, as well as by the half-orcish traditions established only a few generations earlier.

She lived to see the empire spread to southern Marak, spending her later years at a warm coastal retreat only a day’s hard march from the front lines at Marakar. Her death was mourned by almost all of the Empire, as she had been considered to have been fair, just, and representative of the strength in which Alterans take great pride to this day.

Empress Tara I

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