Freehold is a the storied flying capital of the skypirate nation. Accurate and reputable information about it can be hard to find.


Freehold is the home of the sky pirates. It is a gigantic floating island city populated almost entirely by half-elves. The city stays aloft above its helite base and is composed entirely of cake batter. Its citizens lives in pickle jars that sits precariously above the sweet sticky foundation of the city. During the summer months, the batter rises and bakes its inhabitants inside, it is during these months that the elves perform their ritual meditation and hibernation. As a result, piracy tend to sharply decline during these periods as their ships would get stuck in the puffy baked goodness that overflows from its harbor.

There are now six inhabitants of Freehold. An over-sized, hulking man, an absurd looking bird man, a wood elf, a high elf (elves apparently lacking gender), a preacher of Jesus Christ (our lord and savior), and a sky pirate. A rough cairn of stones has been erected to form the letters “Jerusalem”.

The Pirate King Lucius is rumored to be the only survivor of a brutal, and vicious attack on the city of Freehold (Jerusalem). There are whispers of a grand construction underway, being conducted with great vigor. It may only be a very short time before Freehold (Jerusalem) reemerges as a new power, stronger than ever before.


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