Freehold Islands

Since the dawn of the Altaran Empire, pirates have inhabited the islands to the northwest of the Crescent Sea. Initially populated by outcasts from Altara, the islands became a refuge for anyone who preferred anarchy as opposed to the Empire’s firm law.

Contact was made with Elyniena just before the Empire arrived there, and alongside the raiding, a surprising number of young elves in their early hundreds joined the pirate crews. While the pirates were always made up of a good mix of the world’s various races, the half-elven descendants of these elves proved to be excellent sailors, and make up a slight majority of Freehold’s population.

The islands are named for the city of Freehold, which covered a small island near the center of the chain. A thriving metropolis, it is informally split between the mansions of the rich pirate lords and captains, and the slums where their crews live.

Perhaps the most important event in recent pirate history was the abduction of Cassius Marcus. “Rescued” from Basa, he was pressured into lifting the city of Freehold from the ground as he had with Basa and Altara Imperia. As it turned out, he had exactly the right temperament to make a great pirate captain, and befriended the Pirate King Canaeus Lucius. With Marcus’ help, the magical metal heliite was provided to the pirates of Freehold, and after a bit of experimentation, the first skyship was launched, marking the beginning of the era of skypiracy.

It took several years to get Freehold off the ground along with its docks. The bottom of the round island city was coated with a harder alloy of heliite, giving it a shiny, armored appearance. Now, it cruises the skies of the Crescent Sea, striking fear into the hearts of landlubbers everywhere and providing a safe if chaotic haven for the skypirate fleets.

Freehold Islands

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