General Timeline

Note on Dates:
BA: Before Altara; years prior to the founding of Altara
PA: Postfounding Altara; years after the founding of Altara

Present is 301 PA

21 BA

Tara is born to a northern clan.

0 BA

Tara begins the unification of Altara, declared herself empress.

6 PA

Altaran Empire spreads south, takes Tearn.

7 PA

Freehold Islands claimed, city of Freehold established.

9 PA

Pirates from Freehold make contact with Elyniena.

14 PA

Altaran Empire moves south of Tearn, founding the province of Marak. City of Basa established. Fight against the Dwarven Empire in Juult Highlands begins. Altara establishes ties with Elyniena.

43 PA

Empress Tara I of Altara dies of old age.

98 PA

Emperor Nearan de Altara is born.

201 PA

Altaran Legion suffers severe defeat against the Dwarven Empire. Tearn and Marak declare independence.

252 PA

Cassius Marcus arrested for public use of magic. Work on converting Altara Imperia into a flying city begins.

253 PA

Altara Imperia lifts off. Cassius Marcus kidnapped by agents from Marak. City of Basa converted into a flying city. Cassius Marcus kidnapped by pirates from Freehold. Work on converting Freehold into a flying city begins.

255 PA

Freehold lifts off. Cassius Marcus, now a pirate captain, builds the first skyship. Era of skypiracy commences.

301 PA

The War of Imperial Advancement begins.

General Timeline

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