Few bards remain that know this song about a grand sorcerer

The legend lives on from the Gnomish high council on down
Of the gnomish sorcerer they call Gobi.
Gobi, it is said, was born in the age of three point five
When magic and sorcery was powerful.
Standing a mighty 3 feet 6 and not an inch more
with steely blue eyes, brown hair and tanned skin,
the Sorcerer was neutral good and not to imposing to look
But is the subject of much story-telling and lore.

Gobi was the youngest of the Ickus clan
With forenames of Gimble, Oswald, Boddyknock.
As young gnomes go, he was the smallest of most
with his family, for short, calling him Gobi.
However small, his Brass dragon heritage burned brightly.
When he was told by his brother and friends,
As he left the Ickus Clan farm as the dinner bell rang
that he was named after, the dog, the cat and a rat.

The wind in the silence made whistling sounds
As the hobgoblin arrows found there mark.
Gobi the sailor knew, as the captain did too
it was a raiding party on their shipwreck souls.
The dawn came late and burying the dead had to wait,
When the hobgoblins came in slashing.
When the afternoon came, not many remained
and Gobi vowed to get even.

When suppertime came Gobi stood on the shore
Saying ‘Captain it is magic that we be needing.
As time marched on, Gobi an alchemist became
but more importantly a Sorcerer’s apprentice.
Overtime his favoured was the long distance fire ball
and all hobgoblins in range so be consumed.
And later the adventure goes, a weasel did grow,
from the magic he had, and named him Watcher.

Does anyone know where the grace of the Gods go
when a Blue Dragon sets upon a party.
The party did fight as the dragon strafed with might
most failing of the mark except for the fire.
The dragon ignored, the elf, ranger and half-orc,
and came straight in to deal with the gnome.
And all that remains was a smouldering dragon
and the adventure party, and lifeless body of Gobi.

God thunder rolls, and the wind gods sing
In the barren plains of the land.
The legend did not die like an adventures dreams
most thought that it was the end, but other knew better.
And Gobi lives on in the legends
with his friends and Watcher at his side.
When hobgoblins are about and causing trouble
look to the skies for the raining bright fire.

In a musty old hall in a small town they prayed
for the souls and safety of the party.
The church bell chimed to remind all of the fight,
Gobi’s friend were caught and cast into the abyss.
By a dispatched evil sect of clerics, the leader remained
and with his last breath, Thokk and Aijhad were cast below.
Gobi they said will never give them up for dead
and is heading down the abyss to save them.


The Crescent Sea Nekenami