Juult Highlands

A massive mountain range located at the edge of the Southern portion of the Continent. It is the home of the Dwarves and the Drows, and its depths holds great wealth in terms of jewels and precious minerals, the most sought after of these being the mineral known as Osmite Considered by Altarans and the mages of Basa to be a part of the nation of Marak, if ruled over by a single Dwarven Empire that refuses to submit to the central authority. However, the reality is far more complex.

For centuries, the Juult Highlands was dominated by the four Dwarven Kingdoms of Thunderspire, Moltenpick, Duskhammer, and Brightshield. These nations lay among the mountians, west to east, and co-existed for the most part, though they certainly struggled against each other for supremacy. Eventually the Dwarves of Thunderspire managed to establish themselves as the dominant power, though the other kingdoms still existed as independent entities.

As for the Drow, they had their own Kingdom in the underground City of Felgate. This city was located deep beneath the ground, far away from the warring dwarves. Eventually the two races met, prompting the first of the series of wars that would be known as The Wars of the Juult Highlands. The course of these wars led to the destruction of Felgate, the near complete annihilation of the Drow and finally the conquest and destruction of Thunderspire by the Drow. The Dwarves having been spent in the war against the Altaran Empire.

In the end, the Drows build their new home Rei’yiss Kestal Ser, in the ruins of Thunderspire, while the survivors of the fallen Kingdom founded the City State of Bastion in the remains of Felgate.

In the present day, the Juult Highlands is a in state of Cold War. While they both desires the destruction of the other, neither Rei’yiss Kestal Ser nor the three remaining Kingdoms were ready for another war. The Dwarves have yet to fully recover from the Altaran invasion and on top of everything they also have to deal with Basa. While the Drow have yet to fully settle their new lands. However, all it takes is one sign of weakness and the tunnels of the mountains will once again be filled with blood.

Juult Highlands

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