The nation of Marak stretches from Tearn in the north to Elyniena in the south-west. It is a nation only in name, and is functionally divided between the mage residents of Basa and Su’Basakar and the native dwarves of Marakar.

Marak was founded as a province of the Altaran Empire. Altara founded the city of Basa in northwestern Marak to stabilize its hold on the region while war was waged on Marakar in the south.

Basa wound up housing a sizable population of fugitive mages from Altara, who generated anti-Imperial sentiment until one hundred years ago, when they formed an alliance with their dwarven neighbors and revolted. Today, Marak is technically ruled by a council in Basa, but this council is functionally equivalent in influence to the dwarven King of Marakar.

Fifty years ago, when Altara Imperia was raised into the sky, the council of Basa sent agents to kidnap the mage responsible, Cassius Marcus. With his assistance, they lifted Basa into the sky, and fit it with a great magical engine to allow it to move. It now patrols the wild forests that cover the north of Marak. The crater left by Basa‘s ascension was riddled with tunnels from the city’s former undergound. These tunnels were inhabited by many of the largest organized crime syndicates in the world, who rebuilt the crater into a criminal paradise called Su’Basakar. It is also home to the world’s most secure prison, built hanging out over the crater.

At present, Marak is a neutral nation, too busy with its own internal divides to worry too much about the state of international politics. It has a stable trading relationship with the Dragonborn of Lower Elyniena, and maintains a number of trade routes through passes to the north to Tearn. The dwarves of Marak are nominally at war with the elves of Upper Elyniena, but no battles have been fought between the two in over a century.

Major Cities

Basa Basa is the floating capital city of Marak. It generally travels clockwise about 5 cities (within Marak, see Marakar). It travels these cities in order listed below.

Su’Basakar – The grounded crater left by the liftoff of Basa, Su’Basakar is the larges “grounded” city in Marak. It is also know for being the criminal metropolis of Marak.

Wizardsleeve – The northernmost major city of Marak. Wizardsleeve acts primarily as the “outreaching hand” of Marak, a trade city to Tearn. Its main trade revolves around shipping textiles between Tearn and Basa.

Ha’veen – A port city, bordering the Outer Ocean, Ha’veen provides waterborne trade to various other seafaring cities. Being the farthest from both Marak’s historically rival nation of Altara, and the raids of the so called “Sky Pirates” to the west has left Ha’veen relatively peaceful, and free to prosper.

Skeleton Canyon – This rootin’ tootin’ hoedown of a city will fulfill yer’ wildest expectations. Boastin’ th’ worlds second-biggest saloon, this tourist city is the (unsuccessful) center of Marak’s tourist industry. Lying in the center of Marak’s small desert (TBA), this western – themed city is a seemingly futile attempt to bring any tourism to southern Marak. While it has neither skeletons, nor canyons of any sort, this city is almost entirely self-sustaining, and has a unique attraction of partially domesticated giant ants which take part in Skeleton Canyon’s monthly “Giant Ant wrastlin’ festival”.

Shaletumble – Due to its proximity to the highly Dwarven mountainside, Shaletumble has been heavily influenced by Dwarven culture and has a higher population of Dwarves. Shaletumble also houses the major (“grounded”) military operation in Marak. It is speculated that this military housing and training center is located where it is partially because of its distance from Altara, and partially because of the know lack of cooperation between the ruling bodies of the Dwarves and the people of Marak.

Other notable cities – These cities are not on the travel route of Basa, however, they still qualify as large centers of importance.

D’etrot – Once know for both its carriage and wagon carpentry services, and its high quality stone-masonry (in the district Rok’citee), its prolonged distance from the major trade routes of Marak, and its detachment from the areal path of Basa have greatly reduced the wealth of this once booming city. Following the popularization of magical transportation, and the economic shift in power to Basa, D’etrot experienced a massive decline in population (roughly a 60% drop from its pre-Basa flight census) . Largely due to this population drop, D’etrot has had housing busts, and its population has become, on average, far less intelligent (partially due to the movement of the educational center to Basa). Much of the population of this city is reported to be disenchanted with the current ruling party of Marak.


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