• Hill dwarf city
  • Trading City
  • Only Pure Dwarf City above ground
  • Inner City is composed of Four Connected Keeps, one for each of the four main Clans (Thunderspire, DuskHammer, MoltenPick, Brightshield). After the fall of the Thunderspires, the center keep has begun to fall into ruin. The remaining three keeps began to fight over the abandoned keep.

*The city is designed with an Octagonal Keep at the center, connected by the hexagonal keep of the Duskhammers, the pentagonal keep of the Moltenpicks, and the square keep of the Brightshields. Each of these three keeps are connected to the Thunderspire keep via walled streets. The three outer keeps are also connected via walled streets. Between these keeps is the wealthy residents quarters. Outside of these walls the residency wanes in wealth the further from the center.

The Southeastern section of the city, the Dusk quadrant, houses a large port used by the dwarves to trade with other nations.

There is some unrest in the city, as a noteworthy portion of the population wishes to cut ties from the mountain kingdoms to establish their own city-state. The unrest has yet to reach a point where the Dwarf Kings feel the need to intervene.

Marakar is connected to the rest of the continent via the Bonespite Passage which is attached to he northern section of the city, the Bright quadrant.


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