Not to be confused with Heliite.

Osmite is a precious metal found primarily in the Juult Highlands. It is coveted by the native Dwarves and Drow alike for it’s unique properties.

Osmite, though relatively unremarkable in it’s natural state, can be refined to become increadibly dense and resistant to damage. Once it was possible to create entire sets of armour from Osmite, though the process of mass production was lost with the Drow takeover of Mt. Thunderspire It is still possible for small quantities of it to be manufactured however.

Most noteworthy, the final step in refining Osmite is exposure to air. This allows the nearly refined ore to be kept in a vacuum (still relatively light) until it is needed. Some individuals have looked into the potential military applications of this property. It could be used by the sky pirates of Freehold to drop on other ships for example.


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