After Marak’s secession from the Altaran Empire, and the kidnapping of Cassuis Marcus, the city of Basa was able to become a floating city similar to Altara Imperia. Unlike the case of Altara Imperia, which took nearly two years of work, the city of Basa was skyborn in only a few months. This was largely due to the pre-existing tunnel system beneath the city.

These tunnels, formerly a network of thief’s tunnels, sewers and courier passages, created a perfect fault line for the separation of Basa from the mainland. Because of the high population in the tunnels, the lower city of Su’Basakar was soon founded in the remaining tunnels around Basa’s crater..

Organized Crime

Due to the nature of the population of the tunnels, the city of Su’Basakar quickly developed into a hotbed for crime of all kind. During the first few months after separation, there was little to no official form of government, however there were a few power centers, crime syndicates who had previously operated in Basa. After the first year of development, four main Crime Syndicates grew from the tunnels of Su’Basaka, each controlling a major crime specialization in the city. These four groups quickly grew in power and wealth, and control almost everything within the walls of Su’Basakar today.

The Cage

Because of the crater left by the city of Basa, there was a large area of unused space in the void in the center of Su’Basakar. As relations between the newly formed cities of Basa and Su’Basakar grew strained, due to their slowly diverging ideals, a deal was created to provide a connection between the flying city and its roots. The council of Basa and the four families of Su’Basakar agreed upon a mutually beneficial deal. The city of Basa would turn a blind eye to the underworld of Su’Basakar, and upkeep trade, in return for the construction of a large central prison in the void left by Basa’s crater.

Soon after, a large maximum-security penitentiary called the Cage was constructed to house the growing number of criminals in the newly independent Marak. In an ironic twist of fate, following the formation of an organized crime hierarchy, and the construction of the Cage, the internal crime rate of Su’Basakar plummeted to almost nothing. It is theorized this is partially to do with the proximity to the most secure jail in the know world, and part to do with the heavy-handed judgements put in place by the crime lords.


The so-called culture of Su’Basakar consists primarily of entertainment usually associated with slums in larger cities. Different forms of entertainment include: Alcohol and Bars, Brothels, Gambling, and Pit-Fighting (ranging anywhere from Gladiatorial – style fights to beast fighting).


The languages of Su’Basakar consist mostly of Common Tongue, Dwarfish (from the head constructors of the tunnel system, and the close dwarf influence), Street Slang, and any combination of the three.
A large wealth gap exists in Su’Basakar, often one upper-ranking criminal will control most of the wealth in the area, taking a set percentage of all revenue from heists conducted by groups in his or her area.
The societal ranking system Su’Basakar is very defined and respected by its citizens. Each level reporting directly the the rank above, very rarely any deviation occurs from this system. However, each syndicate has a different ranking system based off of achievements and skill at any particular trade. Outsiders to the city exist outside this social structure, with more rights than most in the lower ranks but more limited access to the more interesting parts of the city.
At the top of any ranking system in each of the four syndicates is a crime boss, a so-called “Pit Lord”. In total there are four Pit Lords, each controlling one faction of the city’s syndicates. There seems to be little to no foul play involved between the four group’s leaders, contrarily, it is often rumored there is a friendly rivalry between the four, each competing with the others for fame, revenue and skill.


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