The nation of Tearn was founded around the city of Tearnyn, and runs across the center of the mainland from the Crescent Sea to the Outer Ocean.

Tearn had barely had a chance to solidify as a nation around the capital city of Tearnyn before being invaded and assimilated by early Altara. Being composed mostly of peaceful halflings and reclusive gnomes, Tearn put up little resistance to the Imperial Legion. While Tearnyn and its Aasimar and Tiefling caretakers did briefly mount a defense, it was crushed quickly. The city of Riverhead was established to provide the Empire with control over the eastern shores.

Two hundred years later, when Altara shattered, Tearn became independent once more. Citizens opposed both Altara’s ban on magic and their policy of using slavery as a punishment for major crimes. Once it regained its sovereignty, Tearnyn took over as capital, ruled by one Tiefling and one Aasimar, as was traditional.

At present, Tearn is a major trading power in the Crescent Sea. It controls a massive underground canal stretching across the mainland. It wishes simply to maintain the status quo, at least for now.

The Southern region (i.e. South of the underground canal) of Tearn consists mainly of grasslands which are used for feeding grazing animals such as oxen. A fairly large number of original/native tribes still inhabit the grasslands of various species – Gnolls in the plains, Catfolk in the South near the border forests (the foothills of the Southern mountains are forested), and some Ogres and Giants also near the Northern mountain border. A good way to think of the Southern region of Tearn is similar to the American ‘Wild West’ crossed with Mongolia.

The Northern region of Tearn is predominantly farmers and agricultural farmland with small villages scattered throughout the hills and countryside. Gnomes and Halflings are much more common in this region than elsewhere. One very important facet of this farming operation is that a corporation of Druids called The Green Circle, they own a large portion of the farmland and are currently buying up more.

As a side note, there are 2 predominant slang terms used among Tearnish (residents of Tearn) when referring to your hailing region; NOC (pronounced “knock”) and SOC (pronounced “sock”). NOC refers to anyone living North of the continent-spanning canal, and SOC refers to those living south of it.


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