The Goldscale Bank


You have gold to spend? Then you have gold to defend.

Headquartered in the mountain regions of Northeastern Marak just along the border with Tearn, this organization serves as a neutral banking guild between nations, organizations, and individuals.

Strategically built for defensibility, and helped by its presence along trade routes, the impressive Fort Aurick is a heavily defended combination of bank vaults, mercantile storehouses, embassies, and libraries. It has its own executive guard of mostly dragonborn, a host of mages specializing in establishing and maintaining complete security, as well as towering sheer walls. Being owned and operated by a Gold Dragon and its dutiful clan doesn’t hurt either.

Although the fort itself along with the majority of its wealth was established long ago by a dragonborn clan serving the Gold Dragon, Aurickotak, The Goldscale bank was only recently founded following the schism and separation of Marak and Tearn from the Empire. In the short 50 years since the founding of Goldscale, the bank has established alliances with dwarves and gnomes of Marak, and has become a stopover port between Su’Basakar and Tearnyn. Over this time, the Goldscale bank has made itself into the most trusted security that can be bought on the continent. The advent of heliite and sky piracy however, have been deeply troubling to the bank, as the fort was only built to weather a siege from ground or sea.

Recently, with mounting tensions between nations, the bank has profited handily, expanding its influence through trade, building the surrounding communities into refugee homes, and developing contracts with military groups and farming organizations.

Spirits are high in Fort Aurick, with recent prosperity deflecting fears of war. However the sense is that of cautious optimism. The Goldscales and Bassans both favour magic in the ideological dispute between the empires, but the bank desires to approach the tensions diplomatically, instead of mounting a military defense.

Services available include
High security bank vaults, with accommodation for any items or materials so long as any stored items may be screened for safety and security.
Investment opportunities in established and rising companies.
Ruins excavation services, with contracts negotiated based on estimated values of uncovered materials.

The Goldscale Bank

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