The Guiding Hand

The Guiding Hand is an ascetic semi-religious organization comprised of healers and medics of all walks of life. They charge small fees for services to heal wounds, and restore seemingly impossible damage to full health.

Their clinics are spread out across the continent, but their reliance on healing magic to cure wounds makes them a somewhat underground organization in the Empire.

Despite an excellent public reputation for their work for the ill and hurt, their services are not a charity, and their debts must still be collected. It is not unknown to see the Guiding Hand employ enforcers and collection agents to collect on debts owed for services.

Their leaders, clad in simple white robes universally appear very well educated, and are shrewd businesspeople. This savvy traversal of the upper reaches of society allows the Guiding Hand to also provide their services at a premium to wealthy clients, giving excellent care in return for a hand in the deep pockets of the rich.


Over the last month, mounting evidence has accumulated to link this organization to the secretive Winery, a group of occult blood mages. Hearings have begun in the embassies of the Goldscale Bank. The elite members of the organization have gone into hiding, but testimony by clerical staff, and documentation of trade partners, signatures of elite members, and multiple tomes on blood magic rituals have been recovered from Guiding Hand establishments. Businesses and governments have severed ties with the Guiding Hand, and plans are underway to set up a nonprofit medical aid group in its stead by the Tearnyns

The Guiding Hand

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