The Wars of the Juult Highlands

The Juult Highlands are the home of the Dwarves and the Drow. For long periods in the history of these two races stayed far apart from each other until the need for expansion on both ends was needed. The races met when mining tunnels to expand into large caverns so that their cities may be built. Upon the first contact, the Drow miners fled to their higher ups where as the Dwarves called them back to understand what they were.

The war of tunnels began. The Drow led the first attack, sending their heavy cavalry first. Driders, tamed phase spiders , and heavy footmen to strike hard and quickly at the Dwarven city. The war lasted for about seven years until the Dwarves found weaknesses in the rocks near the ceiling in the Drow city of Felgate. Using their limited supplies of black powder, they ended the war by crushing the entire city under tons of rock.

The second war began, going down in history as the Red Flush. Over a course of twenty eight years, the Dwarves rounded up as many Drow soldiers that they could from the first war and systematically killed them until they were extinct. The Drows barely fought back, and many of them starved and the caverns were stained with the blood of Drow ancestors.

The third war started in 202 PA, 472 years after the Red Flush. The Drow’s sent scouts to investigate the city of Thunderspire. After years of re-population in the tunnels which held their ancestors graves. They had a striving hatred for the Dwarves, and once they found they had inner conflicts, they stuck faster than the Dwarves could react. They murdered the king, the nobles, and any elite that they could find. They made sure that the city’s sewers were bathed in the blood of Dwarven men, women and children. The Driders and Males set up a physical barrier to stop the Dwarves from coming back to retaliate and set up traps to capture and then killed them just like their ancestors were. They renamed Thunderspire to Rei’yiss Kestal Ser which translates to Falling Hope Keep.

The Wars of the Juult Highlands

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