The Winery

To harvest a perfect crop, vines must be grafted, grown in the winter, plucked at the perfect time. To achieve perfection, one must be willing to be creative and experiment

The Winery is a secret organization with deep magical roots. Despite the name, the Winemakers deal surprisingly little with plants, let alone grapes. However, the principles of the art are applied to other studies.

Until recently, their exact activities were shrouded in mystery and secrecy. However, in the last month, mounting evidence that this group was an enclave of blood mages has been surfacing. More troubling, that they have direct ties to the medical guild, The Guiding Hand. Its elite members have gone into hiding, fearful of persecution by both bounty hunters, and lawful authorities.

The proceedings against the Guiding Hand and Winery have begun to unfold at the Embassies of the Goldscale Bank

The Winery

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