Vampires of Altara

In distant past, when Altara first invaded what is now Tearn, vampirism was introduced to the Empire. How exactly this happened is unknown to all but a select few, kept a close secret by the Altaran elite.

Now, almost every member of the ruling class of Altara is a vampire, the curse being handed down to new members of the aristocracy as a gift. This is not a widely known fact within Altara itself, though many outside the Empire are well aware of it.

Vampires can be spotted by their pale skin, white hair, and sharpened canines. They feed on the essence of other living beings, using it to fuel their own advances. Vampirism is propagated when an existing vampire feeds on another being without killing them, and desires to propagate the affliction.

Vampirism of the Crescent Sea variety is a powerful boon to those willing to spill blood to achieve power, but comes with an important, if often overlooked, downside: It means that other, more powerful vampires will consider you to be fair game.


See page Vampirism (Mechanic) for details regarding Player Characters and Vampirism.

Vampires of Altara

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