Alta Melian

Northern Warmistress


Dark hair and a cold, sullen demeanor. Middle height, vacant eyes. Melian is a warrior first, everything else last. She is strong, quick, and strategically brilliant. She is often straightforward, eschewing words where actions will serve. She is a vampire, and a lycanthrope, but rarely transforms.


Alta Melian is a childhood friend of Emperor Nearan de Altara. She became a vampire alongside her friend, but left the court to join the military. Largely discarding her vampiric powers, she worked her way through the ranks on her own merits, an unusual feat for a full human. She earned her place as an officer and gained her lycanthropic powers a record 5 years into her military career, and proceeded to rank her way up to warmistress of the Altaran Legion.

She was chosen as the leader of the invasion force in The War of Imperial Advancement.

Alta Melian

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