Daario Moncrieff

The silver-tongued son of the Seas.


Gender: Male
Race: Human
Born: 233 PA
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Hazel
Skin colour: White
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 155lbs
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: Iron Lion Brand on the right shoulder blade, horizontal scar circling around right bicep area.
Relatives: Morgana Dumont (mother), Warton “The Reaper” Krome (father)
Known Associates: Lorenz Moncrieff (deceased),Esther Moncrieff, Selene Moncrieff (known as the Iron Lioness, current Tsavo of the Iron Lions), Phantom, Bjorn, Briar, Tydrael, George, Lilly, Elaine, Barkwood,
Kill Count: 7



Following the death of his mother, he began to seek out the father who had abandoned him vowing at any cost he would claim that man’s life and thus under the tutelage of a group of contract killers known as “The Iron Lions” he took his first life at the ripe old age of fourteen. It wasn’t long before his association with the Lions proved favorable and before long he had slowly honed his craft using his natural charisma to infiltrate secure locations in order to gain access to otherwise unobtainable information that would later be used by the Lions in extortion. The Lions’ head, Lorenz, took special interest in the boy, grooming the young man to be his successor to the title of “Tsavo” and eventually tasking him with helping Lorenz assassinate a tyrannical lord who had been overtaxing the patrons of his city. It was during this outing that Lorenz was captured and executed for treason leaving behind his six children and his wife. Daario would blame himself for the failed mission and vowed that he would someday remedy the loss of Lorenz and get revenge on the lord that had his good friend executed, taking the surname of Moncrieff as a tribute to the man who had served as father to him.However before he could uphold his promise, Daario was transported to the Crescent Sea, arriving in the city of Caelum and has spent months seeking away to return to his homeland and fulfill his promise.

Arriving in the new world, Daario quickly made friends under the guise of Lord Ferdinand with a group of adventurers taking a particular interest in a pick-pocketing cleric. The small group would take up a bounty for the board and help a logger deal with a pack of gnolls who were intruding upon his land.

Daario and his company would soon find themselves in slavery under the Smuggler’s Guild, something that Daario would resent not being one to have his freedoms limited. He would consume some odd mushrooms before succumbing to their psychological effects, an ailment that would be remedied by his copatriots. He would be locked into the custody after refusing to be further constrained by having to wear footbindings, he would insult and ridicule his captors even going as far as spitting in the face of the Guild’s representative.

Daario would seek his freedom by any means going to such lengths as cutting off his own arm in order to gain his freedom. Ultimately it would prove frivolous as both him and his company would eventually be indoctrinated into the Mercenary’s Guild. Their first mission would involve them and a rather odd Professor named Rumplestilkin and the rather feminine Elaine, a sex-worker purchased by George, a noble man. Daario would try to barter with Elaine to get him his freedom fearing that somehow he would be detrimental to mission, an assumption that would prove accurate as Elaine would become infested with some sort of rare fungal disease.

George and Lilly would continue their spree of irrational behaviour by killing an innocent homeless man much to the displeasure of Daario. This would set in motion a series of events which would find four of the party imprisoned whilst the others were left to fight against them in a spectacle. Daario would hold his own against his comrades but Geogre in a panic would set himself on fire. Eventually the combat would cease as it was proven to be a staged event to determine a leader among the group, a decision would be made that Briar would lead the group much to the disappointment of Daario.

Daario Moncrieff

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