The Crescent Sea

the PirateF*cker 17-the rest of the story

We killed the giant, the fighter took its axe and belt of strength, and went to collect our reward. We then decided that a giant’s axe didn’t do enough damage, so we went and had the greatest smith in all the lands upgrade it to be a massive battleaxe of doom. It still wasn’t good enough, so we found an enchantress and had her enchant it with lightning, and tell us where we could find a soul to bind into it to make it sentient, and yet more powerful. With the power of a divination wizard we teleported there instead of walking, and fought the vengeful spirit. We narrowly defeated it, and captured its soul in a jar built for such things. We then teleported back, and had it bound in, and our fighter found the love if his life in his weapon. Then, according to the wishes of the wizard, we looked for a way to turn him into a lich, which the shadow found by selling a few souls. There was a library on an island that we had before cleansed of pirates, which we had not found. Returning there, we found much knowledge and the way to turn someone into a lich, among other things. Now, with a party growing more powerful by the day, we decided to take a larger contract, in the form of assassinating an Altaran general. We found out where he was and marched over to his encampment, but since he was such a pompous douche, he had taken up residence in a nearby estate. Waiting for nightfall, we snuck towards the mansion, but were seen by some magic seeing spell bullshit, and had to fight the guards off. Not as easy as it sounds. After defeating the perimeter guards we went inside and searched for the general, while our shadow set the house on fire for a more scenic atmosphere. We found him easily enough, and proceeded to have one of the greatest slugfests of all time. The building started to collapse, and the party ran, with the exception of the shadow and the general. The shadow took one more hit, and the building collapsed, burning and ruined. Our shadow could not be crushed though, and flew out, hoping to use the soul jar again to trap the general’s. Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) the person closest to death at that moment was the fighter, clad in demonic armour. The soul jar reached out to him instead, and took his soul, wrenching it from his body and his armour consumed him. A great shadow demon burst forth from his body, wielding his axe, and proceeded to go on a murderous rampage, which the shadow gladly joined him in. At the same time, the general burst from the rubble of the mansion and attacked the barbarian, biting him. The shadow demon rushed back into the battle and ripped the Altaran apart with his long clawed hands, throwing the body across the courtyard, in separate directions. The werewolf curse was passed to the barbarian, who immediately turned (it happened to be a full moon) and he joined in the slaughter. The monk joined the rest, figuring why not, and the entire party was converted to the side of evil in a night. (Insert star wars jokes here, I certainly did.) We decided to kill some more people, so we did. It was a hazy few days, but eventually we decided that we were no longer scared of Cassius Marcus, and went to Freehold to kill him too. We found his ship, with both himself and the pirate king on board, and had another epic battle of epic proportions. There was fire and meteors and large weapons everywhere, but we managed to kill both of the vampires, along with his crew, and proceeded to take over and enslave the entire island. Serving as its overlords, we started a cult to Telona, the goddess of death and darkness which the demon and the shadow served. Enslaving the populace and making cultists of the willing ones, we tore down the city of Freehold and converted it to a flying temple city dedicated to Telona. We then remembered something that would be fitting for such a temple castle city, and retrieved a magical artifact that created a massive globe of darkness around itself, which we placed in an altar at the top of the spire of the keep of the temple. We then discovered that another group, through the use of wishes and magic had created an alternate timeline Freehold where everyone was dedicated to a good god or goddess, which could not stand. Our castle looked cooler anyways. So, inevitably, we attacked it and through the force of our magic and our new order we conquered and enslaved that island too, converting it to a temple of Lolth, an ally to our goddess. Chaining the two floating island city fortress temples together, we created the greatest epic evil castle of awesomeness to ever have floated, and through a nerve wracking series of events, the shadow became essentially a minor god, and figured out the planar lock. Boom, story end.
We were the president’s party, to be fair.



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